Monday, May 10, 2010
The British have the weirdest names - and I mean not just Wodehousian. The Schools Secretary of UK is Ed Balls. Forget being Schools Secretary, how do you survive school as a kid with a name like that?
His seat in Morley & Outwood was a Tory target. And aptly, the Tory slogan was "We'll castrate Labour by taking down their Balls." But looks like Labour has survived castration, at least in Morley & Outwood.
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No Problemo
Monday, April 26, 2010
Between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, it’s hard to choose. Jon, I think, is funnier. And a better actor. But for punchlines, you’ve to give it to Colbert. Here’s Colbert Report on Arizona’s latest immigration law BS.

Two delicious punchlines...

My great grandfather didn’t travel 4000 miles across the ocean to see this country overrun by immigrants. He did it because he killed a man back in Ireland....

Every day thousands of illegals, apparently ninjas, pour into this country in hopes of finding a good american job. Only to find they've got another 8,000 miles to go [before they are in India].
I know, I know.. the India map...hmmm.

No Problemo
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Busting Feeding Frenzy
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Busting Feeding Frenzy

Having grown up without an older sister, I am fascinated by Candace’s obsession with busting her little brothers. Her ‘busting feeding frenzied’ dance here is because she thinks she’s finally going to bust her bothers – and that too in front of both her dad and mom.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is... I’d love to hear more real-life episodes on this ‘older-sister-out-to-bust the-little –brother(s)- and-the- little brother-surviving-this-busting-frenzy’ theme from the younger-bothers and older sisters here. I don’t want to name names but I’d love to hear from the Nimmys, the Sudha Ks, the Srirams, the Marks and the Chinchus among others. Oops, did I already name some names? Sorry.

Anyhoo, the first instinct of the older sisters would be to respond with ‘You’re crazy. I was nothing like that. I had a life instead of trying to bust my brother’ and the younger brothers like ‘Oh Candace is an angel compared to what I had to put up with my sis.’ But hold that instinct. It’s not such general stuff, I want. Specifically, what I want... are the specifics. The details. ‘For what?’ you ask. ‘So that you can cook up some story?’ Exactly. And I promise that I won’t use your real names and will acknowledge your contribution in handing me such goodies. In short, people, give me something to work with…

On the other hand, (as part of my devious carrot-and stick policy) , the stick would be that if you don’t give me the good stuff, I will cook something really obnoxious and put your real names to the characters. How about that? Pretty diabolical huh?:-) So here’s awaiting ‘the stuff’ via my email

[For those not in tune with the series Phineas and Ferb, the brothers Phineas and Freb are always building some wild ginormous contraptions in their backyard and Candace their sister is always trying to bust them before their mother. But in each episode by the time she brings her mother over, the contraption always disappears ( most often, destroyed accidentally by the doohickey that the other ‘inventor’ in the episode – Dr Doofenschimrtz of Evil Inc. had built)
So she never succeeds in her busting attempts. In this episode, Doofenschimrtz’s robot falls in their frontyard ( and no one knows what it does). And while their mother runs over to bring their father – who’s in the middle of a presentation, Phineas and Ferb reverse-engineer the thingy in their backyard. It turns out to be an anti-romantic robot. When her mother is gone (to bring their father), Candaceis on the phone with her friend Stacey doing this Busting feeding frenzied dance but doesn’t realize that behind her, P & F’s robot has flown away with the thing that was in their frontyard ( oh, the irony of an anti-romantic robot eloping with its mate!)… Oh, well, as Doofenschmitz would have said, I’m probably overexplaining it here…]
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Global warming and Dinosaurs
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
See I keep telling you guys ... you've got this whole global-warming, climate-change thingy backwards - or should I say upside down - just as you were wrong about the dinosaurs. What, you didn't even know how you were wrong about the dinosaurs? Jeez, here it is - the latest from Paleontologists
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Warmings of the globe?
Sunday, February 21, 2010
To the tree-hugging, godless, global-warming-paranoid liberals...

Presidential message on global warming

I know this is old but can you argue with these facts? 5000 years back when the world was created, it was warm back then too. Why do you think Adam and Eve were walking around naked, huh? Did you hear them complain about melting polar ice-caps or emission standards?
See, and if the globe is indeed warming, then we should get nature to co-operate with us. Thats the way to go. Not the other way around. No way!
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Squirrels in my pant...
Saturday, February 20, 2010
SIMP - Squirrels In My Pant

Phineas and Ferb's sister Candace has a crush on Jeremy, whose kid-sister Suzy is an angel when Jeremy is around but never misses a chance to torment Candace when he is not. Here, Suzy snatches nuts from an old lady who’s feeding squirrels in the park. And with a croquet mallet, hits the nuts straight into Candace’s jeans. The squirrels chase the nuts all the way into Candace’s jeans. Screaming, she jumps right in the middle of a group of street performers who’re just about to start their show with: ‘Somebody, anybody, everybody scream….’

Did you ever imagine you’d hear ‘Proletariat and Bourgeoisie....’ in a lyric?

And how about
‘Who you got back home watering your plants?
How can I qualify for government grants?’
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